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Transparent High Pressure Air / Pneumatic hose:-

Air/Pneumatic hose is a multi-purpose hose, which can be used for air compressors, heavy duty water suction and delivery,

conveying chemical & gases.

Size:- 5mm to 50mm.

Super Spray Hose:-

Ideal for high pressure spraying of Pesticides (water based chemicals, insecticides, fungicides, weeding etc.) in plantation

orchard, forestry, parks, vineyards and a variety of other areas involving spraying by hand or power driven pumps.

Size:- 8.5 mm to 12mm

Car Washing Hose:-

For washing vehicles at service stations with high pressure water, high pressure pneumatic line in mines, compressors, excavators etc.

Size:- 8mm to 12mm      Working Pressure:- 70/100  kg/cm²

Rock Drill Hose:-

For heavy duty pneumatic rock drilling applications in quarries, marble/granite mines, drilling in hard surfaces like road, concrete etc

Size:- 20mm & 25mm  Working Pressure:- 20 / 15  kg/cm²  


Heavy Duty Hose:-
Ideal for heavy duty suction and delivery of abrasive materials in industries such as coal & mineral mines, stone &

& lime quarries, shipping, sewerage disposal, aqua culture, paper mills, cement, chemicals, petrochemicals, oil exploration.

Size:- 25mm to 250mm  Working Pressure:- 2.5 to 8 kg/cm²     Maximum working temperature : 60/70°C

  Duct Hose:-

  Ideal for Light Duty collection & conveying of Air, Gases, Dust and Light materials. Used for conduits of air, industrial

  ventilation, collecting dust with exhaust fans in stonemasoning, fiberglass, textiles, asbestos processing and other industries.

   Size:- 22 to 250mm   Std Length:- 10/15/30 Mtrs

Oil Hose:-
For suction and discharge of oils: It takes care of the necessities of the great petrochemical industrial complexes
Application in load and products derived from oil and great variety of chemical products such as Diesel fuels, Kerosene,
Liquid Petroleum products, Lubricating oils, Mineral oils, Light oils, Transformer oils etc.
Size:- 25 to 75mm  Working Pressure:- 4.5 to 8 kg/cm²

Non Toxic Hose:-

For use in nourishing products, the suction and discharge of beer, wine, milk, beverages, ice-cream, chocolates,  peppermint, cereals etc. 

Size:- 50 to 75mm  Working Pressure:- 3.5 to 4 kg/cm²


PU DUCT HOSE   is made of abrasion resistant Polyurethane with copper plated spring steel spiral embedded into wall. 

  Very light and extremely flexible hose with good tensile and abrasion strengths and  ultimate elongation.

Applications : -

Aspiration of dust, wood flour, shavings, granulate, powder, gases and fumes, Textiles, Plastic, Printing, Ceramic,

Furniture and wood industry, shavings exhaust, chemical industry, paint industry, oil fog exhaust, machine manufacturing.

Universal hose for transportation of light solids and for air and gas transportation. Being Food Grade material.

                                             Ins. Dia./mm   :-  40 to 350      Temperature range:-     -40oCto + 90oC (+ 125oC short term)


Flexible Transparent PVC with spring steel wire reinforcement (Korean and German verities.

Application:-   Delivery and suction hose for solid gaseous and liquid media. Used for transport of food stuffs.

                       Used with vaccum pumps, agricultural machinery, construction industry. sewercleaning, ground water drainage.

                       Available ID 12.50mm to 150mm Temperature range:-   20.C to 70.c


Construction :-   Two ply silicone hose made from silicone coated glass fiber fabric, with an embedded steel wire helix outer twin 

                           glass cord.

Application :- Aircraft, aerospace, vehicle and engine production, car heating and hot dust extraction & designed for hot and cold  

                       air/fume application of both positive and negative pressures.

Ins. Dia./mm   :-  40 to 350      Temperature range :-   60.C to 300.C

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